Lotto lout Michael Carroll reveals surprising new job



Lotto savage Michael Carroll has landed himself a £10-an-hour work subsequent to blowing his £10million fortune.

The 35-year-old currently begins work at 6am consistently cleaving wood and lifting packs of coal for a fuel shipper’s firm.

Carroll – later named the ‘Ruler of Chavs’ – was only 19 when he won an extraordinary £9.7million in 2002.

In any case, in less than 10 years he spent the rewards on a luxurious way of life of new homes, drugs, gatherings, adornments and vehicles.

He even constructed a banger dashing track in the three sections of land of land encompassing his six-room house in Norfolk.

Be that as it may, in 2010 he connected for his old employment back as a binman and later earned £11 an hour in a roll processing plant.

Presently he is getting a charge out of a progressively straightforward life at the fuel yard in Moray, Scotland.


The Lotto victor uncovered how “going belly up is the best thing that happened to me” and said he’s “never been more joyful” since coming back to work.

Carroll was wearing an electronic tag for being tanked and cluttered when he won the big stake.

Regardless he plays the lottery however says he’d keep working in the event that he won once more, “to keep myself out of inconvenience”.

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